DOSING TECHNOLOGY - seals for different components

“Injection sealing” has been an important topic for engineers and developers for years. We at Polymold also have been given great attention to this technology for a long time. Besides the injection-moulded housing gaskets, which have to be mounted manually afterwards, we can now also offer a fully automated process to our customers:
This new generation of machines enables the efficient application of gaskets on various components, sealing them from external influences and offering an optimal level of protection.

To apply a gasket on the component, liquid material is inserted in the notch by means of a mobile mixing and dosing unit. During application, the material has a low viscosity. For even base surfaces without a notch, the flowability of the 2 component mix will be appropriately adjusted.

We use this procedure to protect sensitive electronic components against environmental impacts and ensure proper sealing. This process can be used for both large and small lots—the possibilities are numerous. Our experts are happy to meet your designers to develop an ideal solution for your component.
You can benefit from our experience and manufacturing know-how to achieve the highest level of security for your product.

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Equipment for dosing

4 component mixing and dosing system Sonderhoff DM 403 with automated pallet transfer system
Operating range: 1,000 x 800 x 250 mm
Elastomer and / or silicone foam processing